How does the Biggers Box work?

Biggers Box is a weekly produce and food delivery box. Every week our annual members receive an email on Thursday letting them know the new menu is now open for ordering. From Thursday to Saturday members are able to shop our extensive menu of local fruits, veggies, baked goods, meats, artisan products, beverages and more. During this period the website will allow you to add items to your cart and checkout. Then each week on Tuesday or Wednesday depending where you live (check your account page), your fresh Biggers Box will be delivered.

What is the membership fee?

Before your can place your initial order, an annual membership fee of $19.00 will be charged. This fee is designated to cover administrative expenses and account management costs. Once the membership fee is paid for the year, you will only be charged each time you place an order! Think of this like your big box club annual membership fee.

Is there a contract?

No! There is no contract involved. You pay a one time non refundable yearly membership fee of $19.

Is there a minimum order price?

Yes order minimums are $34.99

When do you deliver?

Currently the Biggers Boxes are delivered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week during our produce season depending on your zip code. You will receive an email each morning of your delivery. We highly recommend leaving a cooler with ice packs for any cold items on your porch if you will not be home. We can try to leave ice packs in your box, but those only last so long in the Wilmington summer heat.

Our produce season is from Mid-March through October. Inventory for Biggers Box deliveries will be limited or not available outside of that time period. So, yes it is an annual membership, but we do not do deliveries all year long. Your membership will carry over for 12 calendar months from the date you sign up into our next season.

What if I need to make a change to my order but have missed the deadline?

All changes to your weekly order must be made from Thursday to Saturday, if you miss the deadline we are unable to update your order before delivery. You will receive a reminder email each week to make any changes you would like.

What about the weather? Where will my box be left?

Unless you mention to us otherwise, your Biggers Box will be left on your front doorstep. On delivery day, if you will not be home, we recommend leaving a cooler with ice packs on your porch for cold items. The Wilmington summer months get hot and we don't want your products to go bad if you can't be there when we drop by. It is especially important if you have ordered any meat or dairy products. In the event of unsafe weather we will send out an email informing you of a postponed delivery date. For the most up to date information make sure you are subscribed to the Biggers Box email list.

What if I don't receive the menu email each week?

It is important you are getting our regular emails to keep you informed on your orders. If you are not getting our emails please check your spam folder and then contact us and we will help you get it sorted out.

What if I get bad produce?

Mistakes happen. If you get produce that has gone bad or are not satisfied, please submit a contact form with a photo of the produce, you will receive a discount code that can be used to replace the produce in the next week's box.

What can be delivered in the Biggers Box?

Due to the nature of farming and supporting local food sources, our menu changes each week. We have a wide range of products from fresh fruits and veggies, to dairy products, to local meats and much more. Each week the menu will be updated to show the availability of products. Feel free to browse the menu here on the site (however only able to add items to your cart from Thursday - Saturday). Contact us with any questions or concerns of the weekly menu, but generally, if you don't see it on the menu, we don't have it that week.

When will my area be available for delivery?

If you entered a Zip Code that is not in our delivery area don't fret! As we refine the Biggers Box and make it better, we will quickly add more zip codes. When we open your zip code for delivery we will send out an email notification to let you know. It is important that you are subscribed to the email notifications to receive any updates.