We do not currently ship our furniture. You can pick up at the markets and we do offer local delivery if you need assistance.

Adirondack Chairs

These classic outdoor chairs are great around a fire, on an open dock, or just lounging around the yard and pool. We have folding or non-folding. The folding variety allows the chair to become more compact to make transporting and storage much easier.

Seat: height 16", depth 18", width 22"

Full Chair: height 38'", depth 32", width 30.5"


Fanback Balcony Chair

This balcony chair allows you to sit up high while not taking up all the floor space. It is slightly more shallow and narrow than the rollback balcony chair. Great to fit around a table.

Seat: height 27", depth 18", width21"

Full Chair: height 51", depth 3", width 30"


Fanback Balcony Chair Settee

2 chairs can be put together with a settee piece to make a go between small table for your favorite beverage that you don't have to worry about wobbling!

Set Price: $859.99

Rollback Balcony Chair

One of our most popular items. This chair is large and very comfortable. Sit up high and see the sights. Great for any deck, dock, or poolside. Add a settee piece and you can connect 2 chairs to create a small table. See picture from Rollback Balcony Chair Settee

Seat: height 29", depth 20", width 23"

Full chair: height 56", depth 40", width 32"


Rollback Balcony Chair Settee

2 chairs can be put together with a settee piece to make a go between stable small table to set food or drinks!

Rollback Rocking Chair

A must have comfort for any relaxing outdoor seating space. It conforms to your back quite nicely :)

Seat: height 18", depth 18", width 22"

Full Chair: height 40" depth 32", width 29"


Fanback Rocking Chair

Enjoy years of relaxation and tranquility with this timeless fanback rocker.

Seat: height 18", depth 18", width 22"

Full Chair: height 40", depth32", width 29"


5' Double Glider w/ Cupholder

Fit up to 3 people in this smooth gliding bench with the convenience of a fold down cupholder.

Seat: height 18", depth 18.", width 58"

Full Chair: height 42", depth 32", width 66"


Single Seat Glider

Ultimate solo relaxation. No one dictates your pace of gliding but you!


5' Swing w/ Cupholder

This swing is 5 ft. wide and can fit up to 3 people! It comes with a convenient fold down cupholder and the chains to hang from your chosen spot. This a great option if you have a porch, tree or A frame to hang it from.

Full swing: height 34", depth 33", width 66.5"


A Frame for 5' Swing

An easy to put together A frame. It comes in 3 pieces...The 2 tripod sides and the top piece that slides right in for a sturdy base to fit the 5 ft. swings. It has the added bonus of of 2 small triangular shelves to set drinks on!


Low Side Table

The side table is pictured next to the adirondack chair. A great stand alone to place food, drink or belongings.

Height 20", depth 16", width 20"


Adirondack Recliner

The perfect blend of form and function. Transition from chair to recliner and enjoy warm days sipping a cold beverage while listening to the birds. Has 2 wheels the back for rolling to new locations.



An integral piece if you want to connect two balcony chairs or adirondack chairs! Designed to fit perfectly over the arms to create a table.